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Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an integral part of document translation. Page layout, diagrams, colors, and punctuations all have an impact on the delivery quality, and affect how the audience reads and feels about a document.

During a DTP process, the following factors must be taken into consideration:

Consistency between the source and target documents in layout and design.

Conformity with the reading habits and professional requirements of the target country or region.


Rich experience: With years of experience in translation and localization, Giltbridge has accumulated a wealth of experience in the DTP field.

Experienced DTP experts: Giltbridge's DTP experts are selected from Giltbridge's resources around the world and can provide DTP services for over 40 languages.

Complete DTP tools: Giltbridge's DTP experts are well-versed in most DTP tools and can use DTP services to both convey the accurate source content and adjust details to meet the local language and printing standards.

Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint


Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe Indesign 


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator 


MadCap Flare

Oxygen XML Editor

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