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Having been a high-quality multi-lingual service provider for more than 20 years, Giltbridge is capable of providing translation services across multiple language pairs, file formats, and industries. By fully understanding customers' requirements on technical comprehension, document style, and DTP, Giltbridge keeps optimizing the quality of its translation deliverables and winning customers' trust.

Giltbridge builds up term and glossary bases for every project it translates, making the translations sound right in the target language. Giltbridge also includes translation memories in its translation deliverables, and protects customers' language assets to the maximum.


Document translation

With more than 20 years of translation experience in the technical field, Giltbridge has provided professional language services and overall solutions in a wide range of document types, including product manuals, R&D documents, user guides, patent applications, and marketing brochures. Giltbridge's nearly 200 in-house translators do not just convert languages from one to another, but also acquire in-depth understanding of the technologies in the source documents, comply with styles specified by customers, and deliver a whole set of process documents including translation memories. Technical translation has always been Giltbridge's area of expertise.

Giltbridge can provide translations in a wide range of document formats, relieving customers from the burdens to convert documents to specific formats. Our professional DTP experts can help you process documents in the following formats:



Website translation

When translating website content, Giltbridge's translation team not only ensures translation accuracy, but also pays attention to the reading habits, religions, and cultural differences of the target audiences. And our website translation services cover text translation, animation production, website DTP, etc.

Giltbridge respects the cultural backgrounds and customs of different countries, provides website localization services for international companies, and helps these companies better convey their product information, reach to their customers, win more business opportunities, and accelerate their globalization processes.


For every customer, Giltbridge assigns a dedicated sales manager who knows the customer's requirements well and provides responsive language support despite of time differences and holidays.

Giltbridge's nearly 200 in-house professional translators are the solid basis for smooth project operations.

And its standardized, flexible, and efficient TEP quality control process ensures high-quality delivery of every project.

With strict management on project processes, Giltbridge is able to provide assistance to translators when necessary, learn about the project progresses, rectify process mistakes, and ensure the high project quality and timely project delivery.

Giltbridge has a proprietary project management system, in which Giltbridge's teams in different locations can efficiently cooperate to achieve timely and high-quality deliveries.

And Giltbridge's ability to use a wide range of translation tools, including Xbench, Practicount, Abby Finereader, MemoQ, Across, WordFast, Passolo, and Workspace, makes Giltbridge comply with its customers' translation preferences.

Giltbridge also provides routine and free-of-charge maintenance on customers' term bases and translation memories. This helps Giltbridge learn about customers' document styles, improve efficiency, and eliminate errors.

Giltbridge's multi-lingual DTP capability makes sure that the target documents be in consistent with the source documents in formats and designs, and allows the target documents to meet audience's reading habits.

Giltbridge's QA personnel periodically collects and analyzes the errors made in translations, provides trainings to translators accordingly, and helps the translation team continuously improve their translation abilities.

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